Why Elemental? 

We embrace the base elements needed to make our beer great. Every pint of Elemental starts with water, a British base grain, a mix of old & new world hops and a yeast to match the style. We might tinker here or there to match the season, but everything we make starts with the four elements that make a beer great.

The Elemental Story

We are three friends who have a passion for great beer and the craft of brewing. We love beer, we love brewing beer and we love having others drink our beer because we think they’ll love it too.

We may have come from separate continents but we share a  love of beautifully crafted beer. It is this very difference in our brewing backgrounds that helps us in our collaborative brewing style we’ve come to know. The result of this collision of American craft brewing with its UK counterpoint is a unique and tasty pint of beer that we’re sure you’ll love.

Our varying backgrounds and specific tastes in beer have shaped the way we approach brewing. Each of us brings a bit of our own style and a hefty amount of passion to what we brew. It’s this love of creating great beers, that makes us want to share them with you.

Our beer adventures and strong friendship has created Elemental Brew House.


A London Craft Beer Brewery



Beer Type: American Amber Ale

IBU: 20

ABV: 5.2%

Ombré is our amber ale that delicately blends the old and new worlds. We group a traditional European noble hop, which brings a delicate earthy flavour, with a new world varietal that adds a hint of pine and citrus. The result is a malt forward amber ale that is perfectly balanced and easily drinkable. One taste and we hope you’ll agree.




Beer Type: American Pale Ale

IBU: 55

ABV: 6.2%

Single Hopped American Pale Ale with late addition Citra to provide a lovely citrus aroma. Well balanced and easily drinkable. This beer isn’t trying to be a hop bomb. It has plenty of hops to know they’re there, but not too many to pucker the mouth. 


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